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 Natural Additive PolyPlus

What is PolyPlus Masterbatch ?

• Natural, multi-functional performance additive for:
– Injection, Blow Molding and Extrusion processing
• A Granulate Compound (2% dosing), non-chemical methods
• Safe to use
- Non-toxic.
- Accordance with European REACH Norms
- Accordance with US Coneg Norms
- Accordance with Italian Migration Test D.M. 21/03/73
- Accordance with Food Contact

•Does not alter or degrade Standard Polymers
• Abundant supply
• International Patent Pending
•Reduce formulation costs
• Lower concentration of functional additives and pigments (ex. Color Masterbatchs)
•Reduce energy usage
• Less energy per production unit
•Reduce equipment maintenance costs
• Reduction or elimination of equipment teardown for cleaning and low temperature

What Can PolyPlus Do?

•Reduce Costs, Increase Productivity, Increase Product Quality
• Reduction or elimination of equipment teardown for cleaning and low temperature using
•Increase Productivity
• More production from same equipment even if at operational limits
• Shorter injection molding cycle times
• Faster color changeover
• More Turnover per production unit
•Increase Product Quality (Collateral Effect)
•l Reduction Esthetically Defect (ex. Sinks Marks)
•l More hardness surface (cold skin)

Products: Arborbiokaps, PolyPlus e 3D 
Stick &  Filament

- Polyplus Masterbatch Presentation MTCH (GB)

- PolyPlus in Blow Moulding Process Application

- Polyplus in Home Appliance(SerialProduction).MTCH

- PolyPlus in Plastic Cap Dispenser rev.1