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ARBORBIOKAPS is composed of a water-soluble material that dissolves inside the hole on the trunk of the plant .

It spreads through the lymphatic absorption and the natural erosion of rainwater.
With additives with an antibacterial fungicide .

Arborbiokaps allows :
to avoid contamination from plant to plant
to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination on the plant through the injection hole
avoid applications with adhesives and other solutions memo compatible with the plant
prevent exudates and substances which in contact with the exchange damaging the trunk

The advantages of Arborbiokaps
not prevent the development and growth
is absorbed into the lymphatic vessels of the trunk
it is possible to perform curative treatments periodic function of pathologies
the hole remains closed until it has healed completely, it has an additive antibacterial and antifungal ensures perfect protection from external pathogens.

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